Keep the address to your accommodation.

You need to write a memo in both English and the native tongue of your family’s phone number, and snapshot of your picture in a little notebook. Everyone in your group should do this as the reality is, you might lose your friends.

2. Get travel insurance and register with S.T.E.P.

Travel insurance is a must if you travel aboard. Stay in contact with your agency. We know many people who have been injured overseas and had to pay a hefty fee in medical costs upfront.

3. If you’re walking alone at night

Always walk slightly behind a couple. You don’t want others to know that you are walking alone. Especially as a girl, you need to always leave a note explaining where you are going with the hotel receptionist.

4. Avoid dark or non-tourist areas at night

If it’s very dark area, you need to switch train or car and walk in very busy areas such as by restaurants or where there are a lot of people walking.

5. If you do think you are being followed

Try to find someone nearby and have them escort you to the police or security. If you are close to a hotel then walk into the hotel and ask for help. Whatever you do, don’t walk to where you’re staying.

6. Keep money in more than one location
Always keep money in your shoes and only have a small amount in your pocket.

7. Get a sturdy bag. Wear your backpack facing front

Carry your backpack or purse in the front. Something that is strong. If you look like a tourist, then you’re a target for professionals.

8. Don’t bring attention to yourself as being a tourist
Especially if alone or in a small group. You need to act like you are one of the locals.

9. If you’re taking public transport to a night club or to meet up with friends for a social outing

If you plan on wearing something sexy while traveling to other location, you might want to bring extra clothes and change at the location. Do not dress in something sexy that will catch the attention of the local people as it can put you in bad situation.

10. Just don’t get too drunk

Don’t get too drunk. If a stranger hands you a drink, do not take it. You’re in a foreign country, so you’re a target for all types of crimes just by being tourist.

11. Lock Up!
Lock your windows and doors, hide everything inside, and keep a lock on your belongings. Put your valuables inside the hotel locker.

12. Ask questions regarding public transportation

If you need to travel somewhere very late at night. Maybe the train or bus will take you from one point to another. Cab might not be available for your night’s journey. It’s better to avoid taking the bus or train at night. You should take a cab in an area where it is busy location, so you can get to choose more than taxi and more safer.

13. If you anticipate feeling really unsafe, pay the $20 – $40 to get an international sim card

You should get a local sim card on your phone, so you can use internet everywhere. You will also need a power bank for your phone. You will need Google Maps and Google Translate to help you get to where you are going and ask questions.

14. Don’t wear jewelry
Unless you’re staying in a luxury hotel and have their private cabs driving you and picking you up, always put your jewelry in the hotel locker. Do not put your jewelry in your suitcase.

15. Don’t take cabs that aren’t registered with the city
“Private Cars.” You can take Uber or a cab that is registered with the company or the government.

16. If you’re traveling alone or in a small group, try to meet people during the day to hang out with at night
Not that new friends couldn’t be creepers too, but odds are your judgment is better in daylight and sober.

17. Do not consume large amounts of alcohol

The alcohol content in beer and whiskey will be mostly three to four times stronger than American beers. You need to be very careful when having alcohol in other country. You can be a victim of a crime.

18. Don’t leave your drink unattended
Every time you leave to go to restroom, you should take your glass with you. Do not take a drink from a stranger.

19. Keep your friends and family posted on where you are
Anytime you leave the hotel or go from one point to another, you need to text your family to let them know where you are go ng and with whom.

20.You can join a tour group or meet up with friends of friends
You can still get that independence (not committing 24/7 to a travel buddy) but having someone around when you want them.

21. Trust your gut
Seriously, it’s probably right. You still need to connect with someone that you trust every other hour.