Can I move points to the next year?

Yes, you can move points to the following years without limitation

Will my bonus points expire?

Your bonus point will expire within 2 years of receiving them

Can I use points to upgrade my resort room or move to a date that I want?

You can use your points to upgrade, pick the best date or choose the right resort that fits your vacation plan

If I am no longer paying for a 1-year subscription after it expires, can I still get a discount on some of your resorts as an existing member?

Yes, we value our existing member, and you can still receive a discount from our participating resorts for life

Does the resort have a maximum person stay?

Some resorts will have a maximum stay. You can check on the resort detail page to see how many people can stay in each room

Do I get a discount on airfare?

At this time our company is working on partnering with many airlines. We will notify our members of changes in the coming months.

If I don’t like a room that I am assigned can I change a room once I am at the destination?

Yes, you can call our hotline to upgrade or ask for a replacement as long as one is available within the points that you paid for, but you can still upgrade to a higher suite with beach view by using more points while you at the destination.

How long do I have to cancel the trip if an incident occurs that prevents me from traveling?

You need to call at least 72 hours in advance to prevent your points from being used. If you have a certain emergency that is less than 72 hours, please send an email explaining the situation with supporting evidence, and we will gladly accommodate you.