9 Reasons Travel Insurance Is A must in your travel plans

When you travel, things can happen. You need to be protected while you are having fun in a destination that you are not familiar. Here are 10 situations that can occur during your travel.

1.    At midnight. You’ve just landed at the airport to catch the next flight. But now, you just found out your flight has been canceled. Travel insurance will help you on your next flight home.

2.    You’ve waited to take in all the baggage, but someone stole your baggage along with your passport and wallet. You need emergency cash and a new passport. Travel insurance will help connect you with your embassy and get you the cash you need.

3.    You’ve lost your bag. And your bag had your medication. Travel insurance can help refill your emergency prescription.

4.    You’re in an accident, and the medical treatment you need did not accept your health insurance. Travel insurance will step in to help you coordinate all of that with the local hospital and local authority in that country.

5.    You have been planning this vacation for years, but hours before you take off, your child gets too sick to go. So, everyone decides to cancel the trip. What happens to your non-refundable deposit and pre-payments? Travel insurance will take care of this for you with reimbursement.

6.    You arrive in Asia, but your luggage doesn’t. Who will pay for your travel necessities until you recover your luggage? Travel insurance will pay for your lost items and offer emergency funds.

7.    You had booked your trip, but suddenly your airline goes bankrupt. So, what about a non-refundable expense and who can get you to your destination now? Travel insurance will arrange a new ticket for you and get you to your final destination.

8.    You were enjoying water rafting, but then suddenly your raft turned over and you broke your legs. You need a doctor, but no hospital will accept you unless you pay a high hospital bill in advance. The hospital does not understand English. Travel insurance will contact your nearest hospital and cover all medical bill for you.

9.    You are enjoying a nice stay at a very nice resort. Suddenly, a hurricane blows through and spoils the fun. Now you need to be evacuated out. Who will help you out and reimburse you for the lost beach days? Travel insurance will reimburse you for the loss of your stay.

Expenses incurred from third-party vendors for assistance services not part of a filed insurance plan are the responsibility of the traveler.

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